Expanded category menu for zencart

December 2, 2012

The expanded category menu add-on replaces the categories sidebox with a dynamic JavaScript expanded menu. Site visitors can expand all your product subcategories instantly without having to reload the page.

Category structure is pure XHTML unordered lists styled by CSS. Standard HTML links can be easily spidered. Degrades gracefully if JavaScript is disabled.

Category retrieval from database is significantly more efficient than standard ZenCart category menu, requiring only a single query.

magento import

Import configurable products from CSV File into Magento

May 13, 2012

This fully customizable bulk import module allows you to import configurable products through CSV feed.

Module features:

Import from CSV feed
Create CSV for import
Import configurable products and their associated simple products.
Import images / multiple images / gallery images from remote server.
Supports cron job


Pop-Up AJAX Registration Form for WordPress

June 18, 2011

Is your registration form boring and inconvenient? The default WordPress registration form tends to be an isolated, unbranded area of many websites. Today we’ll show you how to change this to a quick and convenient pop-up registration experience.

A pop-up registration form that is fully AJAX is not something that’s easy to implement but now you can get it in plugin form with Register Modal. A “modal window” is a Javascript term for “pop-up” where the rest of the page behind the window is obscured.


Exporting Product or Customer Information

June 11, 2011

If you want to make changes to multiple product or customer records, it is often more efficient to do so in a tabular interface, such as a spreadsheet. With Magento Go’s Export and Import tools, you can do just that. First, you export the data from your store to a spreadsheet file. After you add or update the records in the spreadsheet, you re-import the data back to your store.


Facebook Comments for WordPress

June 5, 2011

This plugin integrates the Facebook commenting system (new, old or both) right into your website. If a reader is logged into Facebook while viewing any comment-enabled page or post, they’ll be able to leave a comment using their Facebook profile.

Virtuemart related products

Related Products in VirtueMart

May 21, 2011

Related Product in VirtueMart is great but It can break the layout of your design. I am not talking about the module – you have full control over the module – I am talking about the Related Proructs that display at the bottom of a product!